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Annual Reports

2014 OSBA HIghlights

Pennsylvania’s Office of Small Business Advocate is the only one of its kind nationally; and thus, serves as a benchmark of excellence for other states endeavoring to equitably represent the interests of their own small businesses and ratepayers relative to utility and energy matters.  As state, national, and global utility and energy-related industries continually evolve, so does Pennsylvania and its OSBA.  

During 2014, the OSBA conducted comprehensive reviews of thousands of utility-related proceedings filed with the Pennsylvania PUC, and determined that active engagement on behalf of Pennsylvania’s small business consumers was appropriate in 55 new cases, involving a variety of proceedings across the electric, gas, telecommunication, water, and steam arenas.  

OSBA’s participation in these 55 cases resulted in an estimated $34.5 million in savings realized by Pennsylvania’s small business utility customers.

During calendar year 2014, the OSBA also represented the Commonwealth at state, regional and national industry forums, affording leaders the latest information from United States federal policymakers, business and consumer advocates, and industry officials and stakeholders, to ensure that Pennsylvania remains responsive to critical national discussions regarding the best regulatory practices and how to confront numerous challenges facing regulated utility sectors. 

In addition to its litigation caseload, the OSBA also handles individual small business consumer problems.  Small business consumers may contact the OSBA directly or via our website, and/or through referrals by the PUC, legislators and/or business advocacy groups.

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